Cranmer, the puppy

Yesterday we got a puppy.  He’s an 8 week old English Setter.  He is adorable.

It may not come as a shock, as I did just talk about me wanting a dog and asking for arguments on the pro side.  Well, yesterday I took the girls to visit some English Setter puppies in Reinholds, PA.  Of course we came home with one.  lol… its a fool’s errand to go visit puppies and not come back with one.  (Honestly, it was almost two.  I did say it was a fool’s errand, and I am a bit of a fool.)

So, Cranmer… it was a toss up between Cranmer and John Piper.  I let the girls decide.  They chose Cranmer.  Thomas Cranmer was an English Reformer who wrote the liturgy still used by the  Church of England.  Brilliant.  Some have tried to say Kramer… but that would be wrong.  Let’s all say it together: Cran-mer.

He is awesome, by the way.  We had some accidents yesterday, but today is a new day!  And thanks to some great friends, we do have a crate.

So the adventure begins!


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