Will she be Tiana?

The conversation of Halloween has been raised in our house.  Trick-or-Treat night is a pretty big night here in the neighborhood and the conversations in our house usually circle around what Disney princess the girls are going to be.  Last year was an awesome surprise when Lily decided she wanted to be Super Girl.  Claire is pretty sure she wants to be Pocahontas.  She’s mentioned it more than once so it’s a pretty sure thing.

Lily, on the other hand, changes her mind everyday.  Belle.  Tiana.  Belle.  Tiana.  Ariel.  Tiana. Belle.  We won’t have to buy any of these costumes or make them since we own them in one form or another. That is definitely a bonus.  But, and here’s the real problem, I’d like her to choose so that there isn’t a horrible amount of figuring it out much longer.

Alice. If Lily goes as Tiana, then Alice will be a frog.  This keeps in tradition of dressing the girls up as boys when infants.  Claire was a bear (I know this could go either way, but it’s not like we put a tutu on the bear to woman it up).  Lily  was a LostBoy from Peter Pan (same costume Claire had worn.  I was Peter, of course.  Heather was Wendy, and Claire was Tinker Bell.)  W run in themes around here.  Maybe it’s the way my brain is wired.

So, I’m hoping to have all the Halloween stuff decided soon so I know what I have to do.  October is a pretty busy month with birthdays, and who knows what will be going on at that point with me and a job.

(If we get a dog, then I’m going to go as Mr. Jack Stapleton).


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