Arguments for me owning a dog

I want to own a dog.  This is not a deep seeded need, but it would be nice.

I had a dog when I was a kid.  She was a Beagle named Trixie.  She was a great dog, lively, and I loved her.  We had a good time.  We would go up the mountain, and go for walks.

Now, we have a cat.  Aslan is a wonderful and some would argue that he is a dog himself.  He coms when you call, and goes for long walks with us.  But, he is a cat.  He likes to be alone.  He likes to be away.

I would like an English Setter.  They’re like Irish Setters, only not red. They’re white with speckles.  They’re good with kids, they can be active, they know when to be passive.  Here’s an image for your prayer time:

I even have a name picked out: Johnpiper.  Unless we get two dogs.  If a boy and girl, then Regis and Kelly.  Two boys: John & Piper.  Two girls: Wendy and Lucy.  I’ve put some thought into this.

I’ve been dropping hints about getting a dog for quite awhile. I figure since I’m home now it would be a good time to get a dog.  I can train and housebreak the dog before we move.  Good timing, you know.  But lately, I’ve been laying the groundwork for being the only male in the house (Aslan is a male cat, but he’ a eunuch, and he’s away a lot).  I’ve drawn up these two arguments to Heather:

1) I know the exact locations of the girl’s dress-up clothes are, even when they are not where they are supposed to be.

2)  I can name the Disney Princesses by voice.  Lily is constantly asking me who is who on the CD’s we own.  Even voices that are for princesses who don;t make movies any more (ie Snow White).  I can name them.  Now while this may be an astounding feat for some, I wonder on the value of me having this ability other than pacifying Lily’s curiosity.

I’ve brought these two things up to Heather as evidence that we may need to testosterone-up the joint.  But my efforts, though valiant, are kexy.  I think I may need stronger arguments.  So, give me some!


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