Burn witches, not books.

I thought I’d add my voice to the throng.  It’s not as if I’m going to say anything much different, but I guess that all depends on who you listen to and how well you listen.  So, here it is, my voice on the bandwagon.

And I think my voice should count.  Why?  Because I’ve read the Koran a couple of times.  Or I should say I’ve read its translation in English.  AND I like books.  All kinds of books.  AND I like roasting fires over a non-book fed fire.

I have three distinct thoughts on this whole “Let’s all burn the Koran” to be celebrated this Saturday:

1)  This could be seen as an issue of free speech.  I’m not talking about whether or not its morally right, or whether it’s in good taste.  But should we allow hindrance to what is a guarantee right? I, of course, would err on the side that not all things permissible are right.  You would hope there is some good judgement that can take place in this.  But with a lapse in good judgement, what else can there be but book burnings?

2)  I thought Islam was a religion of peace?  By all the higher-ups talking about being cautious, the threats all seem from retaliation by Muslims.  It’s not a concern for the burner’s safety or rights…  It would appear as though there is a fear of Islam.  But I could’ve sworn that I heard someone say somewhere that Islam is a religion of peace.  Where did I hear that from?  If people burned Bibles, old or new testaments, would the government have so much to say?  Would I, even?  No, I would not.  I like books.  I also like my iPad.  Would the church in Florida also be burning ebook copies of the Koran?

3)  I like what Dr. Miller, of Evangelical School of Theology, has to say about this last point (click aqui).  Who told this pastor that this was ok?  Where is his accountability partner?  Will that guy be the one holding the fire extinguisher?  Seriously, I hope I’m never a lone ranger of sorts, out on my own.  What sorts of things would I end up burning in the name of Jesus?

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Burn witches, not books.

  1. Destruction get attention. Right?
    yes. Deleting an ebook Koran (which would also destroy the information) just doesn’t have the Threats do.

    The hunger for hype is insatiable.
    And for many irresistible.

    Plus, leaders fail us,(at least 70% of the time. So says the book -‘Ascent of a Leader’), and it should be widely reported that this pastor has failed his group. Badly.

    The said burning has since been canceled as of yesterday, and this pastor character plans a visit to NYC soon.

    SO-Warwick… do a post about the books you’re reading lately…besides the Koran?

    • Lisa, I posted my summer reading list last Wednesday. You should really subscribe. Lol

      Yeah I heard it was cancelled for now, but I’d already written it. Lol

      We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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