Invisibility or the Power of Flight?

I love NPR’s program “This American Life”.  Some episodes are better than others, or at least I like some compared to others.  I really liked this week’s.  It was all about superpowers.  And as you know me, I’m ok with that topic.

The first “act”, as they’re called, was all around this guy who asked a simple question that raised all kinds of problems and lead to some interesting thoughts.  “If you could have either of these two superpowers which would you have, invisibility or the power of flight?”

This question has lead to some interesting conversations, and has been a great icebreaker for him.  He finds most women choose invisibility, and most men choose flight.  He also finds that these powers have very little to do with saving anyone, or becoming heroic.  It leads to simple things, saving on bus fares, or stealing sweaters.  He’s also found that invisibility has more to do with guile and deceitful acts, while flight sparks heroic visions in others.

It was pretty interesting.  So much so, that I asked some of my coworkers.  I asked the question at the end of the evening while we were rolling silverware.  The thoughts turned, the eyes looked up, and there was a lot of rationalizing going on.  They all chose invisibility.  For different reasons.  The girls, all four of them, chose it so they could see what people were saying about them behind their backs.  Derek, the only guy there besides me, chose invisibility so he could nice things for people and puppies.

It was fun listening to their thoughts, and why listening in on conversations they would not be privy to otherwise.  There was a reason.  There was some idea that made it ok.

I would choose flight.  I’ve always dreamed of flying.  I have no need to be invisible.  But, then, if you know that I like to talk Superheroes then you probably are aware that I have a streak of pride in me that would shun the invisibility because I want people to know I’m there.  I want people to know I can fly.

I’ve also watched the Incredibles and lesson learned:  No Capes.

What would you choose and why?


2 thoughts on “Invisibility or the Power of Flight?

  1. I would so choose flight. But most definitely NOT superman style flight. That’s so totally lame. I would want wings. Like John Travolta style wings. I want to be able to soar.

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