The Chambersburg Tour

I’ve lovingly been calling my three week stint speaking at summer camps as the Chambersburg Tour.  I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  There is nothing like the feeling of doing what you really like, what you feel like you were born to do… and really nothing else.  I’ve gotten the chance to talk about Jesus, my favorite thing to do, and to build relationships and encourage lots of kids and the staff.  I am not looking forward to going back to the Robin.  I’ve begun to see it mostly as a job, where I get to have relationships, and share my life… but I’m distracted by the fact that there my main purpose is to make the money I need.  I get disheartened by the fact that I spend most of my time there serving people who could care less about you.

There are some days I really do enjoy working at the Robin, but there is nothing that compares to sharing the Gospel.  In the words of Eric Little, “I feel his pleasure”.  I know what some of you are thinking… “Well, Warwick, you could share the gospel at the Robin.”  And I do, trust me, but I’d willingly share it as a paying guest, and not as a coworker.  Not in tract form, either.

But God knows what He’s up to.  I’ve been blessed by working at the Robin loads.  I do make the money I need, and I’ve been able to make really good relationships there. I’ve also been able to encourage those who share the faith.  And I have been able to share Christ with those around me, in word and in deed (that expression, “share Christ”, always makes me think about cake).  Most importantly, they’ve been wonderful with me never working Sundays, or my weird hours so I can do ministry through the church.

But, I really do understand the difference between your job and your calling.

I finish up the Chambersburg Tour on Sunday, where I’ll be preaching at Devonshire.  All are welcome.  Gonna be talking about Heaven and Hell… will try not to mention Dante.


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