My friend Nate

I just talked to my friend, Nate. For reasons that he fully knows, Nate is cycling across the US. He is presently somewhere along the border between Indiana and Illinois. He’s had some setbacks, and has definitely seen the hand of God in His help and providence. He still has some ways to go and is planning to be back in Harrisburg for his sister’s wedding on August 21. But his goal is California.

He’s spent his days avoiding bears and roadkill, and his nights in gazebos, behind garden sheds, and in the woods. He’s not as hungry as he should be, and he shad to make a stop at a hospital for safety’s sake. And he’s seen God add bars to his mobile in the middle of nowhere when he really needed a map and to know where he’s at.

It is amazing to me that he is doing this. He will have experiences and will experience God in ways that I, and a lot of others, ever will. I’ve never been that vulnerable. It amazes me; it also worries me. People train for this 5 times longer than he did. It reminds me of when Barney rolled out of bed and ran a marathon (How I Met Your Mother reference…). Absolutely foolish in many respects, but you can’t help but admire the guy for the attempt. And what if he succeeds?

So, I hope you will join me in praying for Nate. For safety, for speed, for the kindness of strangeness, for his family and friends, and anything else that may come along.


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