I choose….

I was somewhat amazed by the televised coverage of Lebron’s decision last night.  Not because I really cared where he ended up, but there was so much interest in it.  An hour long “special” all to find out where he was going, and why he went.  Questions for his motivations were insightful (winning alot seemed really important).  He was grateful for his old teammates and what the old franchise had done for him.  But really, an hour long event?  And then the pre-show, where fans were asked how this move would impact them.

It was ESPN, so they were doing their job.  It was about sports and it was a big deal… but I wonder how many kids dreamt last night about a news conference dedicated to their decision?

Last night, I dreamt that I had a doughnut and I woke up hungry.  It was a good doughnut.  It made me hungry.  So hungry that I woke up craving it.  Honey-nut Cheerios did not cut it this morning.


3 thoughts on “I choose….

  1. awesome… I see this had an deep and longlasting impact on your life… it was a basketball themed donut, wasn’t it? 🙂

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