A movie to see

I don’t often go to the movies. There is a fiscal side to things that usually prevent me from going to the theatre, and my kids have never made it through a movie without falling asleep. And then there’s the no time. Over the past three years I’ve had no real downtime. Even now, with school over, I need to work at odd times and all places in order to make ends meet. It’s my pleasure to work for my family. But it really puts a damper on the nightlife. Which is a shame because I kike the nightlife, I like to boogie.

Last night, we had the great chance to leave our un-airconditioned house with some friends who recently moved back into the area. We went and saw Toy Story 3, in 3-D no less. What a great movie! I don’t want to give too much a way, but it was a great storyline, with fantastic character depth and and astounding worldview implication. I would very much recommend others to pay the $11 and go see it. My girls stayed awake during it, and all of us enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, my last light at the hotel is this weekend. So, I’ll be pulling a double shift Friday and saturday night, from 4pm to 7am. Unless we have a baby. Up to you as to how you choose to pray over this situation.


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