One More Reason to Fall in love with the iPad…

I really do like my iPad.  It’s handy, it’s light, I can read off of it, I can write off of it… It just continues to become a greater part of my life in a number of ways.

But iBooks is really going to affect me the most.  And with the new OS it’s influence on me can only increase.

They’ve allowed pdf’s to be read through iBooks.  I have all these great sermons and other free books from Desiring God Ministries, and a couple from DA Carson that I could only read if I printed out all the 100’s of pages, or I carried around my MacBook.  With the new update, I can read them, highlight them, note them off of my iPad or my iPhone.  Brilliant.  absolutley brilliant.

If you have an iPhone, or an iPad and are looking for some great free resources (PDF’s), check out  They have loads of materials and sermons, and all are free!


6 thoughts on “One More Reason to Fall in love with the iPad…

  1. It’s nice that your girls let you borrow it to read your books occasionally.

    …Since you so generously bought it for them. 🙂

  2. seriously… it is like stockholm syndrome…

    apple releases a crippled device, then adds ‘features’ that should have been functional / included in the first place… and then the devoted followers (yes warwick… thats you) praise them for their amazing work… I dunno… seems like its just getting it back up to ‘satisfactory’ to me.

    glad you have it now though!

    • I agree, but it’s more relief than a sense of the amazing. Technically, we could read PDFs on the iPad before the update. But we had to convert them to pub formats. Really, Apple eliminated a step making it easier.

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