Thematic days

So, I’m thinking of starting some theme days here in blog world.  For example, maybe Mondays are Music days, and Thursdays are book days.  And Wednesdays could be the days where I say something witty.  But we would not call them Witty Wednesdays.  That would be too easy. 

Thoughts?  What are some themes you would like to see on here?  What are some I should avoid (Like poke other people in the eye day)?


3 thoughts on “Thematic days

  1. thoughts…
    Write from your experiences and passions.
    Be creatively you. There’s only one Warrick. They broke the mold. It’s said that the mold-maker got quite a beating as well.

    Avoid: Asking readers what they want to read. Taking Surveys, and polls to come up with topics, so that what you write with be well-read and well-received.

    Readers/visitors usually
    1. know they want and go straight to it or
    2. Realize what they want or need once you show it to them.


    Tip for life:
    Don’t eat your feelings.

  2. Well, regardless of what you have for the theme of the day, you must remember that you need to document the weather for each day. You said you would do this. Plus I’m pretty sure there is no other place on the internets where one could find such informative posts.

    Don’t call me Ishmael.

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