A Reading List

It is amazing to me that I officially have this week and next of classes.  I graduate in May and am somewhat perplexed about what I’m going to be reading this summer.  (this may only be a concern I face…).

Anyway, so what should I read this summer?  I’ve alreadyn stocked my knidle and iBook apps with the classics, and I am going to read Nicholas Nickleby this summer, and I want to read Moore’s book on adoption… but what esle SHOULD I be reading?  Give me your top two!!


2 thoughts on “A Reading List

  1. you probably have already read my top two books of all time:

    east of eden- john steinbeck

    the brothers karamazov-fyodor dostoyevsky

    one on my list this summer howver is exlusion and embrace by miroslav volf….ever read that? i have heard great things.

    • I love East of Eden! I haven’t read much of Volf, but really liked his Free of Charge. I can definitely check out more of him.

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