Walking to my class this morning…

While walking to my class this morning I stumbled upon a fight.  Rather, I stumbled upon congestion in the hallway which was surrounding two girls trying to keep another girl from wailing on another girl.  This is only the second or third time that I was near a high school fight, even while I attended.  It caught me by surprise… I mean, I know they occur, but I’m generally not in the “right spot at the right time”.

What always catches me by surprise is how apathetic the surrounding mob is.  They don’t try to help.  They stop and stare.  They could say that it’s none of their business, not their fight.  But they will stop and stare.  It’s a weird form of entertainment, watching these fights.  There such a passion in the two struggling that it’s hard not to feel like something has to happen.  Like watching a shaken soda bottle, you expect a lashing out, an explosion, so that it can be calm again.

As this girl, whose hostility could not be calmed, was pushed to the wall, cuffed, then put on the floor, my heart was breaking.  Not only was there a girl so angry that she could not control herself, but there was a crowd of students calling for blood more than peace.

And they don’t see how this affects them.  Not their fight.


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