Today, I shrive

Well, today is Shrove Tuesday.  I think I’m going to call it Shrove Tuesday.  Mardi Gras speaks to the small Frenchman within me (I’ve tried to at least get him to pay rent, but he considers himself absolute in ownership), but it carries such an unfortunate tone of debauchery.  It is unfortunate.

So I’m gonna call it Shrove Tuesday.  “To Shrive”, according to sources, is to seek absolution through confession and penitence.  This makes me feel better about the day altogether.  I don’t know that I’ll find many Shrive beaded necklaces.  Maybe a coarse belt made out some uncomfortable material… but nothing to flash for.

The Lenten season starts tomorrow and I’m a big fan.  I do not belong to any of the high tradition denominations, but I like the idea that we set aside 40 days to root ourselves in the proper perspective of who we are and who God is, and how well we’re following and being the people He has called us to be.  And what better way than in a community of other believers who you can talk to and edify and be edified?

If you’ve decided to follow the Lenten practice of “giving up” something, do it prayerfully and include one or two others (your spouse, maybe…) to pray with you, to encourage you.  Maybe you’re not sure what it is that my be holding you back from having a mind set on Him.  Ask them!  Sometimes we’re not aware of the other things that are holding our attention and shaping our desires.

So, I’m going to give up something and spending more time doing other things.  Not because I’m earning salvation, but because I want to garner the habits that exhibit a life of salvation walking…


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