Locker room conversations

Yesterday was swimming lessons for Claire, which means I get to run for a run.  Yesterday, being as cold as it was, I had a coat and some pants I had to stow somewhere so I could worry about my miles, and not who was kifing my stuff.  We have membership at the Friendship Center, and I’m not sure why, but the last ten times I’ve had to get a locker it’s been in the numbers between 20 and 50.  I’m not sure why… whether it has to do with my last name or what.  I’ve also never asked.

Usually, it’s silent in there.  Just a bunch of old guys changing out of their swimming stuffs into their street clothes.  Not much noise beyond the sound of running water, locker doors slamming, and the creak of the door that leads into the pools.  But, of course, today we got there just as the jr high age swim team was done, and they were chatting away like parakeets.  And, of course, my locker was right in the midst of them. 

Because I was right in the thick of it, I got to hear all about it… “it” being what was going on in the romantic world of jr high swim teams.  There was only one kid who was being asked the questions, while the others were agreeing with him or badgering him for information as to who he did like.  I do feel bad for one girl, who they kept referring to as ‘Sasquatch”.  What in the world did she look like?  Or was it how she swam?  But, as never seeing a Sasquatch swim, I can only assume it has do with body hair. 

The kid being asked all these questions was not in any way above the par of the other kids… I relaly think he was just the loudest and talked as if he knew what he was doing.  The others were asking him not to gain some sense of understanding as to why he liked the certain girls he liked as opposed to others, but rather to make sure that they were also liking the same girls.  They were looking for approval… and this kid was doling it out. 

One of the boys who was also in on this twittering bunch of budgies was close to defending the girls’ honor who were found to be “ugly as dogs”. Everytime Alpha would talk down about a girl, this other kid, the tallest fo them, would rush in to quickly say, “yout like them as a friend, right?”  

I didn’t stay long, was in there maybe three minutes.  Weird these jr high dynamics.  I’d like to think I’m beyond it.  I’d like to think I’m mature enough to not call anyone anything based upon physical appearance.  Nope, just wit.


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