What if we get tired?

Let us be often lifting up our hearts toward god; and if we do not say that we love him above all things, let us, at least, acknowledge that ti is our duty, and would be our happiness, so to do: let us lament the dishonor done unto him by foolish and sinful men, and applaud the praises and adorations that are given him by that blessed and glorious company above: let us resign and yield ourselves up unto him a thousand times, to be governed by his laws, and disposed of at his pleasure; and though our stubborn hearts should start back and refuse, yet let us tell him we are convinced that his will is always just and good; and therefore desire him to do with us whatsoever he pleaseth, whether we will or not.

Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man, 113

If you’ve never read this small book, please consider it.  Intensely amazing.

ou can buy it here.


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