The Days Are Marching One-by-One…

Ever have one of those profound moments of clarity of your impending?  (Dangling participles aside…) Tonight I had one of those deep moments of my own impending.

There apparently is a church in the Valley that is looking for a pastor.  Some well-intending person from my church told me today.  She was sure that what this older church needed was just someone younger and was wondering if I would be interested.

I told her politely that I wanted to stay within the UB, and would start the process of looking soon.  But as I said this to her, the future came into view… and I had a vision, the vision of the days falling off a calendar into the future and I realised that there were not that many left until I graduate with my Masters, sit for ordination, and start working in a church.  All of this and having another child, and a puppy.  It could drive some to anxiety attacks.

I’m not there yet.  I’ve been praying earnestly about this since last September, fasting for part of the time.  It is just the inevitable end/beginning of where God has been leading me.  After ten years of seeking and asking, it appears as though I somehow didn’t think I would get here.  So, I’m actually kinda surprised for lack of a better term.  Almost caught off guard.  But I think I’m ready for the total change of mine and my family’s lives.

But that’s what these days are marching off to, a change. At least for me.  I’m sure God knows exactly what He’s doing and where I can serve Him best.


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