When you fall so hard

Today is just one fo those days when I’m not sure what to do. I’m so distracted by the events of yesterday that I just feel kinda numb and preoccupied. When someone trips like that, you wonder how much they’re hurt. My heart is broken when I think of their family, when I think of all the families affected. There’s just so much I want to do, and ask, but I am set off on one task of just seeking out God in this.

I’m very aware of two things: 1) how much our actions can affect a whole community, and 2) I have become aware of my own failings. Am I truly aware of how much I hinder the work of the gospel in my daily life? What are those things that I say and do that are impeding my effectiveness, or the effectiveness of my community, to reach out to the world in Christ’s name? Am I truly caring for the least of these, my wife, and my daughters, my brothers and sisters in Chirst?

In the midst of what I felt as triumph after our Easter Egg Hunt night, I am amazed at how stealthily Satan pads around. I don’t want to think that all the positive things that occurred that nigth were laid to waste. I’m just repeating, “Let your face shine that we migth eb saved!” over and over as I think abotu the people I talked to that night. I pray that God will be able to be seen effectively and gloriously through these circumstances. What is the scheme of man compared to the wonder and glory of the wisdom of God? What hope has Satan, and any who would scorn the cross?


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