snow drifts

On my way to school today, like everyday, I have to go through byroads only used by those going to Myerstown. Trust me, there are not many of us. I travel a distance of windy roads that take me about 15 minutes from the highway to my destination, and part of the way is a route that leads as far away from Myerstown as I can get before I have to turn back.

But today, the landscape was changed as the snow not solidly laid drifted and bled onto the road, visibly changing the course. But I knew better and could not be fooled so easily. I knew where my half of the road lay, and even though those yellow lines were whited out, I knew that to try to drive around the drifts, I was putting myself in harms’ way.
But its only because I’ve been down this road so often.
Honestly, though, I cannot wait to be done with this path. Its time is running out and I am eagerly counting its clock down, counting down class days and assignments due. Though the snow drifts come and the hot days that follow, full of the hot retching smell of manure, I cannot be waylaid as far I can see. The path is pretty clear.

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