Really Good Training

I have started a second job to get me through my already pretty busy week. I started about a month ago, and it’s not bad. I mostly sit and read (which is pretty much my goal in life some days). Time moves slowly, and I am able to get some things accomplished as well as meet lots of new and, sometimes, interesting people.

What new jobs mean, though, is always the unavoidable training. And this job is no exception. I hate training. I can stand training for the tasks I need to know that I have no prior knowledge of, thats fine and expected. But what I realyl cannot stand is the training on the obvious things. Well, the obviou things to me. Such as how to talk to people, or how to be polite. My mama didn’t raise no fool, I guess.

Since I’ve had so many jobs and have watched countless hours of training video, i think I’ve become quite the judge of what distinguishes excellent training from the mediocre, or even poor. And here’s the key: They make it seem as though this job is your life’s calling! That this job, as opposed to all the others you’ve had or would even want to find, is the epitome of all life’s experiences and that you’ve made it! Awesome, congratulations.

It’s been garnered as such because, I know, we as humans feel like our worth is in our work, and who doesn’t want to find that place that you’ve been looking for? Here is where you will find your purpose, your true calling. It’s clever marketing on these company’s parts, you have to give them credit.

But I wonder how many actually buy into this? I sat in a room with people who have held more jobs in the last year than I have all my life, no matter how comparatively brief.

My life’s calling, who made me and what he has for me, cannot be separated from where He has blessed me to work. It’s seeing my work as a blessing that allows me to do my job well, no matter what the task. Right?

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
C. S. Lewis

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