I’m on the cover of the Patriot News…

Yesterday was the McCain/Palin Rally in Hershey and i was asked to help out.  I just figured I’d have some nothing task outside, but it would be a fun experience.  How wrong I was!  lol…

I got to help out as a press volunteer, and my assignment put me on the floor of the Rink.  So, there I was with Jamie Creason, all dressed up in my bowtie, green Roo’s on my feet, volunteer badge around my neck, ready to keep people out of the areas they weren’t supposed to be, and to fill up the areas that needed it most.  A simply frustrating task… no matter how polite and persuasive you can be, there are just some who choose not to lis
ten.  Even if you honestly tel them they have the worst seats, that their seats would soon be completely obstructed, or that if they would go beneath the gigantic flag they could have the oppurtunity to shake either McCain’s or Palin’s hands… they still won’t budge.  Or worse, they just pretend you’re not there.  
But, we had a blast… so much so, that today my body aches, my feet are killing me and voice is rough… Understandable, right?  I was at a rally…
Well, I went the extra-mile, as perhaps only I could.  lol… Since we were on the floor, and had a lot of running room, we were able to do all kinds of things.  Getting our side to chant various pro-McCain things, and “USA”, and the wave.  I had a blast!  I got so into it, my first sign was ripped in two.  Someone from the crowd came down and gave me another one so i could continue.  And it would be noticeable if any of the American news agencies were there!  lol… I will be on the Irish National News on Friday night, and the Spanish National News at some point this week, and I was interviewed for the Czech Republic National Radio.  What you would see, if we got any of those things, is me, generally acting like a total fool, throwing my body into all kinds of things, while wearing a bowtie.  Basically, what you see on wednesday nights at Devonshire when I’m Gordo, or on Sunday mornings when I’m teaching.
I did happen to make the front page of the Patriot News… ok, so did a thousand other people.  I’ll post it below.  You can see me standing in the lower left corner of the pic, next to Jamie, I think.  I’m the taller one.  Yeah, that’s me… you can kinda make out the outline of my bowtie, and my camera.


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