What happens when you teach kids about Determination.

I work with the kids at my church through a wonderful program called Kidstuf… and it is awesome.  I play Gordo, a loveable nerd, who has his share of misadventures, usually ending in him getting pretty excited about something.  And he hates to quit.  Hates it.  

Well, I am Gordo.  
This month we are learning about determination, and this is one of those months where I am learning along with the kids…  I’m learning more about humility, and what it means to be determined, and to “run the race marked out for us.” 
Well, what happens when we the route takes a sudden shift?  How will I respond? 
This sunday is the Marine Corps Marathon in DC, and I had planned on running.  I had planned and had been training, but I have had to give up this year’s race.  My heart problems have returned, and this time it has been joined with other problems.  I’m having tests done, and other awesome things are being hooked up to my body… I envision myself Darth Vader, but with both my real hands.  
But my determination has turned into stubborn-ness.  I loved that feeling last year after finishing the race, and I was very much looking forward to improving my time.  And well, its pretty hard for me to think that I will not be able to run this year.  
It’s pretty hard for me to think that maybe my goals and purposes are not the best in why I want to run. 
I’ll be in DC this weekend to watch my wife, Heather, and a good friend of ours, Scott, run the 10k. If any of you are in the area, let me know.

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