My view is changing me

Well, Autumn is fast upon us here in Harrisburg.  After a brief respite of summer like weather, the cold has latched on fast, and the leaves are down or downing.  I’m thinking about the greatest of all American past times, the election, and am amazed at how often I change my mind about what I’m going to do.  Whether I’m going to or not, who I’m going for or not… it’s a long lengthy process and never fully decided ’til I get in that locally curtained booth.  

It’s not my indecisiveness that drives this line of thought, it’s my view.  And this is a small window into my soul… do you know how often I think and rethink my actions?  Often.  
I was looking over my journals this morning and am amazed about how much I have changed from those days.  And, really, it all comes down to my view on life, and from what vantage I take.  What a low view of life I held back then.  As if I was the only thing that ever mattered, as if it was more important that I get something, of I feel something, or that I am someone.  Hindsight being what it is, it would be so easy for others to look at this as the maturing process.  But I know better.  
I am being renewed in my mind, my heart is being reshaped.  And I’m more aware of life, I am fully awake, like it’s the first morning every morning.  His blessings are new each morning, and I have been given the grace to know this, to run after it, and to take what small part it is that I have to play in this.  This view, of the fully and resplendent cross ever before me, is changing me daily, hourly, minute by God given, God rescued, minute.  
How did I ever get on without You?

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