An old favourite

I turned this morning to an old favorite of mine, Scougal’s The Life of God in the Soul of Man.  A truly great book, and one that I would encourage anyone to read.  I’ve turned to it many times, and no matter how horrible I feel, after reading but some pages I regain that correct sense of standing before God: He is great, and I am truly unworthy of His love towards me.  I was also encouraged to know that a man I greatly admire, John Piper, is also a fan of this little book (I was not humble in the thought that I had read it many times before his prompting).  Here is the line I focused on today:

“But he who is utterly destitute of this inward principle, and doth not aspire unto it (freedom in religion), but contents himself with those performances whereunto he is prompted by education or custom, by the fear of hell, or carnal notions of heaven, can no more be accounted a religious person, than a puppet can be called a man…
“…he who hath given himself entirely unto God, will never think he doth too much for him. (38,39)”

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