Col 3:2

Too much of my thought life is focused on things other than those of the heavenly – centered on Christ.  And to what end?

– Destruction
The wind just does what it will in regard to this tree I’m sitting by.  The tree just flutters and bends and waves its branches because it does.  Its helpless to the actions of the wind.  It cannot tell the wind what to do, where it will go or how fast it will go where it needs.
And here I sit observing the actions of the wind yet not really aware of it.  I’m more observant of the tree which is affected by this invisible force, the thing to which the tree allows itself to be affected.  The tree gives itself tot he wind, and I sit more mindful of the effected than the effector/motivator.  
Am I really so ever mindful of the obvious, the observable, rather than the great moving force that causes such a chorus of swaying trees?

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