Who’s convinced you to be silent?

I am using a daily devotional I love.  Its called Solo, and it is a lectio based reading of the Bible which uses Peterson’s The Message: Remixed, and I do like it.  It really helps me focus each day and really helps when I find myself struggling for what to pray for.  I do recommend it if you are looking for a devotional. 

Today’s was good, and it got me motivated in ways perhaps it did not mean to.  It was just a hypothetical but I wonder how hypothetical it seems.  Based off of 1 Chronicles 16:7-36, “David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving”, the writers ask, “If you could shout this psalm from anywhere in the world, where would that be? (it might be on a specific mountaintop or by a certain waterfall or even before an international group, such as the United Nations)”.  This seems a dolt of a question.  As the redeemed and liberated people of God, what makes us think we don’t have this opportunity to shout praise to the Lord Almighty?  Who has convinced us otherwise?
Our lives should be our song, and our words the resounding chorus of such praise!  Our words and actions, made alive and given meaning in Christ, should stir others to “Sing to God, everyone and everything!”  All this in our everyday, humdrum, but God-given normal days.  We don’t need to pretend to be somewhere else or that we are more important than we already are.  Just our everyday lives are glorious praises.
Who has convinced us otherwise?  

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