When cucumbers attack!

This year, besides spending mucho time on the lawn and garden around the house, I decided it was time to plant a vegetable garden.  There was a great plot right next to the deck and, well, I got to work.  So, I cleared some ground, fixed up the already present garden box, chased away a snake, and planted.  I was careful not to plant too much, the plot is not that big… I planted three kinds of tomato, green peppers, red peppers, Pablo Anchos (a hot pepper that my mum had bought accidentally so I took it off her hands), pepperocinis, basil, mint, parsley, corn, eggplant, and cucumber (for pickles).

Well, the first two weeks went by and all was well… and then the rains came.  My garden has become overflowing… literally.  There are leaves and flowers hanging out all over the place.  The mint, parsely, and basil have taken over the east side, the tomatoes are out of control, and cucumbers… well, let’s say the cucumbers are everywhere, everywhere!  I’ve got cucumbers coming out all over!  I thought at first the cukes were just overzealous tomatoes, but no… the cucumbers are out of control.  They are everywhere.  
Every time I head outside to look at what I’ve done to the yard, I’m surprised at all that has occurred.  Plants are still coming out to bloom, and my veggie plot is busting out all over.  I put a lot of hard work into the ground and soil, and I still weed, pulling out the unwanted and trimming for health those I want to stick around.  
The care that goes into these plants that probably will not come back.  But I do what I can to those plants to make that their time here is productive and they can do all that they can while they are here.  
I’m still surprised at how I sometimes miss the forest for the trees.  I only pay attention to the pruning and not the over abundance of fruit… or the over abundance of fruit and not the one who prunes and toils the soil.  If I’m gonna be the most that I can be, I need to focus on the Maker, the Carer, the Tiller, and trust that He is doing all that He can do to make my time here that most abundant life for His glory.

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