The depths are unquenchable

“Deep calls unto deep

in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
have swept over me.”
~Psalm 42:7
What a beautiful image.  I wonder if David was sitting by a waterfall when he wrote this.  I wonder if while we was thinking about his position a deer came up to drink from the pool as he sat there motionless inspiring the first line.  Could he see Hermon and Mt Mizar from where he was?  
The limitless and awesome glory of God being poured down, a testament to His name and witness to His power.  Is this what David sees as he hears that sound of falling, rushing water? Into a pool on earth.  A pool that never seems satisfied, but constantly is just drinking deep the deluge from above.  As quickly as the pool takes in this splendor, it empties itself ready to take in more.  Never satisfied, always craving more.
My heart is the same.  I am never satisfied but long for more of You, Father.  In many ways the doubts and the wonder need the same thing, more of Your power, more of Your constant provision.  I can only do so much, but am forced just to sit there and take in this flow, this barrage from above.  Knowing that if I move away from here, out from under You, I will dry up.

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