Same job, new location… new name?

I’ve started working at the Hershey Red Robin this week (thank-you to everyone who kept my job searching in your prayers). Things are definitely much of the same there as they are at any other Red Robin, I’m sure.  I will say that i am really enjoying the company of the dayshift people a lot.  They’re so friendly, so far, and have really gone out of their way to make my first couple of days there great.

I’ve even garnered a new nickname: Linus.  I know, what you’re thinking.  Not the Charlie Brown Linus, named after the theologian… no no.  Two of them thought I looked like Linus from Lost, and so… I’m Linus.  It’s cute, I think.  I mean, he is the weird character who controls the beast and kills people… but I imagine in my head they are calling me after the likes of my favourite Charlie Brown character and think nothing of it.  Anyway, please judge for yourself:


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