Why am I watching… this show?

This is my first monday night home in a very long time.  I finally do not have a class.  I had big plans… go to the dentist, come home, read, and watch the shows I wanted to watch… “How I Met Your Mother” being the primary.

I watched “Dancing with the Stars” (Of which I think I only knew Christie Yamaguchi, so I’m kinda curious as to what “Stars” they are actually referring to) and “The Bachelor”, the bane of my existence.  I hate these shows.  I just can not get into them… to say that they’re dumb would be to discredit the actual true reasons for avoiding these shows, especially “The Bachelor”, the bane of my existence.  Popularity contests, and a guy who can date, make-out, and disappear into a hotel room at their option before doing the exact same thing the next day… horrible.
My wife is over y shoulder reading this and tells me that I can change the channel… and with all the fibers in my right arm I really want to.. but I know that she would gnaw her arm off trying to figure out what happened… who did the Brit choose?  Did he really end up sleeping with both of them?  Or can the syphilis be maintained?
Seriously, can he say that he is falling in love with two different women at the same time?  It seems incredible to me that anyone would think that this acceptable behaviour.
Ok, so, he did just leave one of the girls alone in her room.  Good for him.  Good for her.  Good for America.

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