Brent went to prom & I was encouraged

Brent, my brother, went to the prom.  His last prom, and the last of my siblings to go to CD’s prom.  Its weird to think that the Fuller’s time in Central Dauphin is drawing to a close.  Since I started kindergarten until Brent graduates, there has been a span of 23 years where the Fullers have marched through one school or another, several times overlapping.  I would like to think that it marks the end of an era, but I’ve been a sub long enough to realize that there are too many students to attribute so much too so short a span.  Class gifts get taken down, tiles get torn up, soon we’re just passing faces who look back fondly on a building that never really cared that we were there.  

It’s a shame, perhaps, but then how fond of ourselves are we to look back at the golden days and wonder what is wrong with the kids today?  If our lives are to make any kind of difference, I really think we m
ust be present; in minds and in our bodies.  Our actions must reflect a want to be with the present, not just as in a critique of where things went wrong.  

But I digress.  Brent and his gf, Sydney, looked great.  My brother is pretty funny and Sydney definitely very understanding. 
 They looked good, and from the sounds of it, they had a good time.  Awesome.
And after a week has gone by from my sermon at Devonshire, I can say that it went well.  Yes, it took a week, but I’ve been so encouraged by the feedback. I’ve had some wonderful conversations that have stemmed from my time upfront, and I’ve been so encouraged that I am pursuing God’s Will.  
I hope that it is evident beyond me upfront that show that I am seeking hard after Him.

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