Bells on!

Today is indeed my birthday.  Indeed.  

I’ve decided to take a lax view on my birthday, this year.  I appreciate all the kind comments, and all the fond wishes, but I think I’m sticking more to the Mad-hatter on this one: There are 364 un-birthdays.  What makes this day so special that I can not get together with my friends and have cake then?  
I know what you’re thinking: Grinch, a heart 8 sizes too small.
But I would rather have no excuse to get together than what I think would be a forced one.  Not forced on their part, but mine, mind you.  Further, it is not my birthday as much as it is a reminder to me that I was born with a purpose, and needed Him to fill my lungs, just like Adam.  I am just like Adam in my birth.  I do not fully live without His breath.  And yet I turn away.  I still turn away. 
Here is my reason for celebrating today, if not any day:  my new life in Christ and the opportunity granted by all to enter into this community with the Father.  May my life, from start to finish, be no more than the hopeful lived out experience of such a promise fulfilled.
I had one such opportunity today, and I thank God for allowing me this on my birthday, because it just affirms my want to decrease.  I entered a conversation with someone who works at CD high today.  She asked me major, and where I was going to school.  This will either cause people to, a majority of the time, say pleasantries and relate their story and where they go to church.  Or, it causes questions.  This person had questions, mostly from what she had been reading ( I really think it stemmed more from her watching way too much of the history channel, based on her own comments).  I answered her questions patiently, and with great care and thought.  Apparently, I answered them a little too well, praise God, because as I started to run for the classroom she followed me, with more questions to be answered.  Seriously, she followed me down a hall, up a flight of stairs, and down another hallway until we reached the door, where, thankfully, she stopped.  I told her that I would gladly talk to her another time about this, and she assured me that she would think of more questions.
I’m praying that I’m not the only one who can answer the questions in her life.
It was great, and I thank God that He reminds me why I was born.  To this end I was purposed, and crafted.  To point back to Him.  To glorify His name, wherever I am, however I can.  
364 un-birthdays.  Give me no reason to celebrate, and I will be there, bells on!

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