Leap Day

I have been wrong, if even slightly. For years I have read incorrectly, with my eyes and ears and not with my heart and mind. Not on all occassions but if even once then wrongly. In doing so I have been grasping for straw in the Word and I have missed the down and the wool, and so I sleep on a mat of uncut ruffage instead of the comfort and freedom Christ would have for me.

This passage, John 3:16, I have misread and, so, misused. I have read it as though it only pertains my life to come and not the present blessing my Father would give to me. This passage is not about, so much, future blessings but about the changed life now. It is about my reaction to being loved by the Father, made innocent by the Son, and being renewed by the Spirit.

Let me not be as I am, but may I be made evernew – Alive in the love of the Father.


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