Long live Kosovo, or some form thereof

So, there is another country in Europe.  Apparently it was hiding in the southern regions of another country.  Its odd to me that this just kind of happened.  I know it didn’t happen this way in all actuality.  I know that there were these Albanians plotting this for awhile, but it just seems like it came out of nowhere.  It was like everyone was just minding their own business and, poof!  there it is!  

Here is a better example of how “all-of-a-sudden” it seems:
There once was this camel who was walking through a desert.  It was thinking about how hot it was.  How really hot it was.  It just needed a drink of water.  In the distance was an oasis.  This oasis seemed so far away.  But it knew it could get there.  It had hope.  This Camel’s name?  Miguel.
Do you see how random it was?  Just out of  nowhere, Kosovo appears.  Unexpected for everyone except Kosovo, which has been biding its time in the shadows.  Waiting to yell, “Surprise!  We’re here now and you need to recognize us.”
And leave it to the Russians to say, “Niet”.  
Of course, we’re gonna be cool with it.  Americans love surprises.

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