Idol idyllic question

In this year’s American Idol competition, there is an Irish chick, and an Australian guy… Can we allow two nationals to win AMERICAN Idol?  I know they have Australian Idol, and I’m pretty sure Pop Idol is still on in the UK, so what gives?  Could they not make it back home, but here their accents are charming and endearing, so they’re in!  

But, maybe this is what America great.  Anyone can make it.  
Even those who could not make it back home… even if they do come from some of the best places for people with accents.  
For those of you who missed out, you missed a great day today.  Well, maybe just a really great couple of minutes.  Specifically, somewhere around 7:15 P.M.  this evening.  Its an amazing time.  Wait until the next snowfall, a pretty big one, like today’s, then wait until about 7:15.  Put on some boots and some long pants, and possibly a coat and a hat, and just go out on your stoop.  Its so quiet.  Its never this quiet.  A calm serenity, and yet the air just seems warm and full.  Expectant.  No breeze.  And full of movement.  When you move, it breaks like a hot knife through plastic wrap, and you need to move.   But then its broken and you start shoveling.  

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