Standing on a chair in the middle of the room

I found myself today, again, putting myself in a position where I really did not want to be.  We were playing a game, what would have been a group building exercise anywhere else, and despite my best efforts to put others on the chair, I ended up there myself.  

I wanted to avoid it.  I wanted to dissuade myself from doing this and putting myself on the chair.  Instead, though, in the absence of leaders, or in the presence of a plethora of leaders but no leader, I assumed.
I had no real insights or availabilities.  I was simply the leader who listened to what others had to say.  And I was on the chair.  
Today, though, I really fought it.  It was the first time for me to do such a thing amongst this group of people.  I wasn’t asked to do it.  And they already have a somewhat conceived notion of who I am.  Today did nothing to dissuade them from those I thoughts and ideas I knew.
But we got the “lesson” finished and did it well.  Actually, I think we did really well.

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