Heather and I had a great day today hanging out and returning all of the things that needed to be returned after Christmas. Today was arbitrarily decided on because, well, we had nothign else to do. And we had a good day. We went to the Capitol City Mall and just spent the day enjoying the time of beaing with each other… and everyone else who decided that today was the day to head to the mall. I have never seen so many people at an Auntie Anne’s before in my life. Weird.
Well, we actaully ran into her brother Andrew at the mall, which is weird in itslef, because everytime i go to the Capitol City Mall recently I have seen him there. I’m beginning to quetsion if he actually does work. Or can be found anywhere else than the mall. The three of us went to eat at McGrath’s Pub in the mall. We were enjoying ourselves and our food when this lady, and elderly lady came up to our table and slipped a folded $50 bill under my plate. The funny thing is, I knew right away what it was, and didn’t even look at it until Andrew asked what it was. I pulled out the “note” and told him it was a tract. And thats exactly what it was. She was walking aroudn to everyone’s table and slipping these on the table while people where having conversations (see above for actual picture of such tract).
If you know me, and I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this, then you know my loathing of such evangelistic tools. I was immediately torn between going up to her and telling her my feelings about such devices, and going up to her and telling that my wife and I are Christians and that she had just killed a tree, which I thought was more than needed since one tree had already given itself to the greatest cause (I would be referring to the cross as I did this). However, my feet and mouth and pride were stayed by my once over of this older lady.
She was dressed like some of the elderly women I know, except for a couple things… these would be the Jesus and Christian stickers she was wearing on her hat and clothing. Yes, stickers. Not patches, not pins, stickers. And some of them were peeling. I went right to pity, and a feeling of this woman’s craziness… for the Lord or not only she is sure. But I was calmed, thinking about this woman who saw this as her thing, and she wanted to do it well, and show herself to be fully committed. She even talked to one table as she interrupted their converstaion to leave several of these things at their table. Though, eventually some lady who was sitting by us did complain and she was escorted out by the manager.
I know what you’re thinking… Yes, I watched all of this unfold around me while having my conversations with both Heather and Andrew. I was captivated by this woman who thought she was doing so much, and I could do nothing. I could not help her, and I could not judge her. God had left me in a quandry. Surely, she was doing some good? Does God’s Word go out void?
And I guess some would claim victory in the fact she got someone’s attention. Someone was offended by this and had management escort her out. But what victory is there in offense? I dunno that she was breaking down any walls in that woman’s heart. She may have supported her loathing even more for this faith that seems to interfere in daily life, adn its zeaolted crazies.
I can not describe my own take. Who do I feel more pity for: the woman who may think she feels “called” to such a past time, or the woman who had nothing but coldness towards this minor interruption to her day?
Or should I be counted most pitiful for hoping to see this sticker-clad “crazy” with some of the few she was able to witness to in Heaven?

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