Farm Show(n)

Heather and I took the girls to the Farm Show tonight in Harrisburg.  Claire knew we were going, and her excitement was very evident this morning.  She was very excited about seeing the cows, and horses, and especially the bunnies.  Especially the bunnies. So, we went and ate (Somehow the chicken nuggets taste better when they could be fresh.  I don;t think they are, but there’s always the possibility).  We had a chocolate milkshake, Thank-you Council of Dairy Farmers of PA, and Chicken, Thank-you Council of Poultry Raisers, and Heather had a pulled pork sandwich, Thanks a lot Hatfield, and French Fries, Thank-you Potato Growers of PA, and I had my long awaited Potato Donut, Thank-you Potato growers of PA!  

Its a bit like Epcot, the Farm Show.  ITs kind of like one big shopping mall on the theme of Farming.  I do like it.  Unlike Epcot, there isn’t a big fireworks display at the end.  But maybe there could be… I’m sure it would draw a crowd.  Of course, the weather is not supposed to be like it has been lately, so I’m not sure that many would want to sit outside for it.
Man, has it been beautiful outside!  It feels like late March.  I’m sure my meteorologist friends are cringing and murmuring “Its just relative heat”.  Still, though, come on!  I’m half tempted to skip out on work tomorrow and play some frizz in the quad.

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