two thoughts, one including square dancing…

Well, what a day today was.  I got sent back to my own high school days.  

I was at CD today, my alma mater, for gym.  Usually, I tend to steer away from gym.  Not because I am not an athlete, a point that Mr. Huckabee made very clear is that I, too, am an athlete.  No, its because, in the winter, there is always the chance I may have to go outside… never, ever an option when it is winter.  But, after last week’s fiasco (for more info on this, please do not even think about it… not worth it, but just keep in your prayers some junior high kids), I needed a non-thinking class.  
So, today, I was at CD, and we are in Square Dancing season, pe
ople!  Well, it was weird and very funny watching the interaction between adolescents, and ninth graders, as they tried to do elaborate fox trots all over the place.  I helped by moving some guys physically, and by encouraging some girls to stick with it.  Not an easy task, but very fun.  They are still using the same recorded caller they had when I was at CD.  Very weird, and I forgot how catchy those tunes were.  I’m still 
whistling them.  It was fun.

until I myself had to join a square in ninth period.  We were one guy short of another square, and so I was volunteered.  Not my choice, and never my option, but there I was, with one senior, and six sophomores.  The senior had tried to avoid getting involved, and the sophomores, I think, thought it was great I was there.  I think.  I noticed they were getting kinda tired of my clapping during the grand square, or my “WHOOO’s” when we all went to the center.  For a while, I was the only one doing the “right hand star”… it was lonely in that center.  And kinda chilly.
All in all, a good day, and very relaxing.  We also watched a weird anti-marijuana video in health class.  I’m not sure, but I think that half-way through there was an actually pro-marijuana reference.  Very weird.
And for my second thought…
I’ve been thinking about revival, and I’ve come to this conclusion:
“Revival” can only occur within the church.  If we are looking for anyone outside of the church to come to Christ as a whole society, I think the term then would be “Vival”.  Or maybe “Animate”.  If we’re looking for “Revival” then we need to be aware of the self-condemnation that means to us as a church.  It means we’ve failed to keep some kind of momentum or enact any change.
So, let’s be used by God to make alive and awake our culture and society!  Not hope for some bygone days when everyone was a Christian (I’m not real sure this ever really happened, but there I am being the optimist), and sit and wait and wish for God to do something miraculous by sending one charismatic speaker to do what we could do so well with our lives!  
And there are my two thoughts.  As promised, one on square dancing, and one not.

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