Political Evangelism

I think I have narrowed down my concerns as a voter to a single concern that seems to be the impetus for the rest:

When did we allow the government, and the election of officials, to be the primary arm for evangelism?

It does not sit well in my gut and on my arms that we ride political parties because they are God’s chosen instrument in order to bring morality and justice to the nation. Isn’t that the church’s role?

I do not agree with abortion, wholeheartedly. I see it as unprejudiced genocide that has not been seen since Joshua invaded Palestine, or Rome invaded Carthage. But giving control and full measure to an elected body we’ve kept it out of our hands. We’ve washed our hands of it and have let someone else worry about it. While it is legal today, I think the churhc is doing its role, by not participating in it and trying to dissuade those who want to. But if it is made illegal, I fear that the church will claim an adamant victory and then not care about and pursue those women and babies whose life is being threatened anymore.

Something has gone wrong. In the US Constitution, the government is barred from “respecting” any religion. But the church has “respected” the government in ways it never should have. We have “picked” our government and we want it to play our lap dog and do our work for us. Trying to get men and women to change their behaviour and respect the law. Again, this should be the sole work of the church.

We need the Christocentric vision of the church to change our world. Not those who curry favour by paying attention to the moods and cultural swings of the day.

So, yes I’ll vote because I do not believe in the sitting idly by while I can do some good. But I’m not going to live as though my government is the most effective way to bring order to my life, or to my world.

Though I dwell in a democracy, I still live in a monarchy.


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