Why not an Armistice today?

Today is 11/11, the anniversary of the end of World War I. They ended with an Armistice, or a treaty of truce, ending all hostilities. However, the end of this war and all of its conditions brought about World War II in about 12 years.

I’m not looking for a truce. I would love one. God and I come together and we talk about what conditions each side will take in assuring that hostilities between us would end. But he’s not looking for that. A truce would really work out great for me. There may even be some things I’d get to keep, like my ability to remain an entity on the world’s stage.

But that’s not what He wants, is it?

No. He wants my unconditional surrender. He wants to overthrow me and become the Lord of mt life. Anything I have becomes part of a colonial power that would use it for the glory and prosperity of the Mother Country, the High Places, the Heavenlies.

I do not offer him red poppies of remembrance littered across the fields so I can “never forget”, but a white flag, so I’ll never take up arms again.

His peace is lasting, and His ways are easy; His burden light. Though king, He is friend. Though Friend, He is living in me, a part of me and my hostilities towards Him treats Him as if an invading army.
Truth is, I invited Him.
Truth is, I wanted Him.
Truth is, I needed Him.
Truth is, I still do.


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