The race has been run

Well, friends, I have run a marathon. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped… I hit the wall around mile 20 pretty hard. But I finished. I ran the 26.2 in 6 hours and 3 minutes. My pace was levelled to about 1 mile in 13 minutes. I had a great start with about a 10 minute mile. But when I hit the wall, it was bad. However, it was pretty incredible, being surrounded by so many poeple and running through the suburbs of DC. The sights were magnificnet and it was a beautiful day for a run. I saw some great signs (“Release your Inner-Kenyan” for example), and was offerred lots of great encouragement and stuff for hydration and energy (including Bloody Marys in Georgetown and some pretty awfule apple-pie energy gels). After the race I was incredibly sore (and some parts of me are asking why I did it) but I feel great today! In fact, I wonder and look forward to when I can get back out and run.
Heather also ran the 10K and she kicked butt, finishing it at a little over an hour. Amazing.


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