Somewhere around mile 12

SO, I was doing good… Not as good as I would have liked, but there I was facing the cold and the truckers for a good saturday run. I was doin’ good, real good, and then somewhere in Linglestown, around mile 14 I stepped on a stone on the edge of the asphalt and the burn and I slipped. My entire rght leg form hip to ankle is sore and stiff, but I went on, to finish my little under than 16 mile run. My time, you ask? Don’t worry about the time my friends. I’ll finish the race. I’ll make the bridge! Or my name isn’t Derek Thrush!

Well, its not, so we’ll see what actaully happens. But I’m thikin if I am this sore only after 16 miles, what is 26 gonna feel like?

But today was a beautiful day. It was a perfect fall day for a run.


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