Why Try?

How much harder can it get?

You try everything in your power to go about things the right way, the Godly way, and there are some people who make it as hard as possible. They make it hard to work with them. They make it hard to love them. But you try, and you try and you keep on trying, and the next thing you know all the blame rests on your shoulders and you are the bad guy. Forget the role they played, forget the past griveances, its you and there is nothing you can do to sway their mind.

So they’re worried about your paranoia while questioning whether or not you will talk about them behind their backs. And they bring up converstaions you can’t remember ever having, and are sure never occurred, to persuade you that it is really your fault.

And you wanna pray for them, but you wonder if they would count that against you.

God give me the ability to give grace as easily as I accept it from You.

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