A wedding

Heather’s mum got married to day to her dreamboat, Denny. It was a nice day and the service was good. Heather did a wonderful job singing and the girls could’ve been a lot worse.
A couple highlights… Claire trying to push up Aunt Jill’s and Heather’s dresses in front of the congregation. Claire taking pictures during the ceremon. Claire trying to mount my back yelling “Come on Horsey! Get up Horsey!” while I try to stop Lily from crawling onto the stage… oh, yeah, it was a beautiful ceremony.
In all seriousness, it was nice. The church was a small Lutheran church in Middletown and it was quaint and quite nice inside. The accoustics were perfect. The look onD awn’s face when she came down the aisle just said so much. She was so happy.

Everytime I go to a wedding, my mind automatically goes to the wedding of Christ at the end of days. The spotless one receiving those He has redeemed, dressed in white. All of heaven standing and watching as the culmination of the ages takes place. What a thought! All of this over and the Lord is seen as He truly is!

We then went on the Pride of the Susquehanna for the reception. We had a really good time. I hope that They’re enjoying the honeymoon.

We are still infested, and we warned everyone today about it. It’s very embarrassing to say, “Hey becareful of me and my kids, you may go home with a small gift.” . But we’re washing and scrubbing, and washing and vaccuming. I had to cancel Heather’s surprise birthday party on fridya because there is no guarantee that we can be perfectly clear for everyone to hang out here with us.


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