Today was a funny day, adn really hard. But they are all good days. All of them.
Jordan and I mixed cement after we came back form town to get me sunblock. It was really hot and mixing cement is not my favourite task. Not at all. But we muddled through it and we bought everyone Cokes, which was nice to have. I do love Coke. A lot.
I went out front to see Duane and Melanie when some fo the kids from VBS called me over. Apparently they were waiting for me. They gave me a kitten… a little black kitten maybe no more than two weeks old that definitely should not have been taken form its mother. I didn;y know what to do and when I had come to my senses as to what had actually occurred they were gone and I was left holding this scrawny, mewing, black furry thing. She has been named “Regallo”, which is spanich for “a gift” and I think that I am going to give her to Beverly’s daughter, but we’ll see.
We spent part of the day handing out beans and rice to some of the houses in the community which is always an amazing experience. The women are always grateful. But we have no clue who really needs it. Beverly does because she knows the people and has some relationship with them. We are left to look at the outside of the houses and it’s so misleading.
The kids here have three names for me:
1) Warwick, which is always amazing becasue of the way they roll their ‘r’s

2) Professor, which is true. I am teaching them every night about God. They were calling me this when they handed to cat to me.

3) and Pastor, which is my favourite. No one else has ever called me that before and it is so uplifting and affirming.

I’ve struggled so much with stuff and sin in my life and yet here where I do not struggle I am called what Christ would have have me called.


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