On Coming to Puerto Cortes

I do not regret coming to Puerto Cortes. But calling home may not have been the best idea. It does seem like good things are happening. I had the oppurtunity to e-mail home and call Heather – to hear her voice was great. I miss her immensely but I wish she was here, and not the other way ’round. I know that I am supposed to be here. I wish she and my girsl were here to experienc it with me.
We moved some blocks from one end of the yard to the other, today. I went into town twice and had some good wandering time between the roads and side streets with Brian, Jordan, and David.
VBS went so much better tonight. We had a plan but God had a better one. It went so smooth, so praise God, who knows better!
Some of the relationships I’m having here with some of the Hondurans is great! Beverly, my main translator, is such a great fit to me from God. She is a great friend. I just feel like God has blessed her so much and I hope she realises that and is truly able to grasp the immensity of it. Jason, or Jayser, is a greatf riend and help to me. He is aswesome and I truly care about him. He is not like a son, but more like a good friend, though in age he could be my son… If I was 12 when I started having kids.

Father, help me to make the most of every oppurtunity. Never let me forget You and Your grace and Your mercy. Keep them forever on my lips and close to my ear. Always remain as one who is never far and always close. I ask You for this, Father, not for my sake, but for Yours. Let my life be a testament to You. Thank-You, Father, for all that You are to me and to Your people. I love You more and more each day.


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