Do not handle!

“Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!” Again, I believe Paul is dealing with fear. We are told that human rules and traditions are not, and should not be, the most important driving force for what we fo day-by-day. It should not be our main influence. Should it have any influence? No! These things have no value, really. No lasting impact as far as us. These traditions, Paul says in Col., can build up a false sense of spirituality and pride.
What are some of the thigns I cling to that I shouldn’t? What feeds my false sense of spirituality? Am I only thinking of things on Earth or does my mind dwell on Christ and the heavenly’s?
This is a brilliance: that our longing and clinging to tradiytions feeds into our sinful nature and not our new life in Christ.
And here is a test for such things: Can I worship without such things? Do I judge others based on their following of such things? Are other Christians based on what they do with my rules and traditions?
Father, this is my morning prayer to You, help me because I am a sinner and I need You more than anything. Move the pale glimpses of You, or pictures of You, or songs about You. I need You and You alone.


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