Monday in Puerto Cortes

God has made us alive in Christ, who has given us a new nature – a nature free from the bonds of sin. And waht amazing occurrence caused this? The Cross, where “he made a public spectacle of (the powers and authorities).”
A public spectacle. Our trust in Christ must mirror that spectacle to the world. For who has more faith than us? Who has more love than us? We have accepted more love than anybody. Our actions and kind words are echoing the great event of 2,000 years. We have been given victory.
Which is fine and good… better than good. And this true of me, but have I truly grasped the menaing of this? It means that if the sin compulsion is gone, than my actions are my own and I have no room for excuse. It means that I really can be held accountable to what I say and do. If I fail in the role God has given me, then I have failed God.
This is a most serious thing. I must live everyday recogninzing this and the impact to those around me. Because it is not just about me; my actions and what I blame for my failures will either help or hinder someone else.
May God help me. May I blame no one but myslef for my failings. May I praise only Christ.

. . . – – – . . .

Again, this morning I sit in the cantina looking over the beach northward. Somewhere north of here, my wife is up. Maybe she’s enjoying my cards. Maybe she’s tired opf being alone with the girls. In any situation I hope she realises, and knows, I love her.


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