Puerto Cortes… Sunday Morning

How great is Christ? He is beyond all things and yet all things are of Him and by Him. He is our hope of glory and the truest expression of God we have seen. He is not only our model but our guide. Not just our guide but our God. Adn this is what I should be teaching, and really the only thing of worth that I have. Unless I am preaching this at all times, my life is wasted.
Our Honduran brothers do not seem to have the same reservations about yelling Christo Vive while they walk down the streets as I do. They count it as good to be exhuberant with their faith and to sing hymns as they go down their unpaved streets.
Praise God for such experiences, and may I find its equivalent back home.

. . . – – – . . .

We went to Noah’s (pronounced No-A) home and orchard today. He grows oranges, lemons, and Cocoa. Noah is a carpenter by trade and lives in the inland in a barrio called La Pinta. Jordan and I had an interesting run-in with some fire ants, but an over-all great trip.


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